Grade 1 Winners

Arch G1
Blame G1 $1,518,214
Changeintheweather G1 Canada
Confessional G1
First Samurai Gr1
Lea G1
Madcap Escapade G1 $1,052,852
Pulpit Gr1
Royal Delta G1
Stroll G1
Lujain G1 England
Mushka G1 $1,067,788
Noverre G1 England
Oath G1
See How She Runs G1 Canada
Somali Lemonade G1


Grade 2 Winners

Alternation G2 
Anguilla G2
Apart G2
Bel Air Beauty G2
China Visit G2 France
City on a Hill G2 England
Congrats G2
Cryptograph G2 Canada
Departing G2 , G3 placed
Eight Belles G2
Fast Catch G2
Grassy G2
Interrupted G3
Lattice G2
Mighty G2
Newsdad G2T , G2 Poly
Overheard G2T
Royal Delta G2
Sangrita G2
Slip Stream G2 Germany
Spellbound G2
Wend G2
Yell G2

Grade 3 Winners

Alternation G3
Bedanken G3
Brownie Points G3
Carve G3
Chilito G3
Cloud Scapes G3
Divine Task G3 UAE
Don`t Leave Me G3T
Euphony G3
Festival of Light G3 UAE Godolphin Mile
Frisco View G3
Gold Medal Dancer G3
Great Minds G3
Haka G3
Heavenly Landing G3
Lattice G3
Lea G3
Move G3
Mythical Girl G3 England
Overheard Gr3 wnr, Gr Plc
Rumor G3
Rush Bay G3
Saratoga Sinner G3
Saytarra G3 France
Silent Greeting G3
Size G3
Somali Lemonade G3
Terrain G3
Trip G3
Watch G3
Witty G3

SWs or Graded Stakes Placed

Aces SW
Apropos SW
Alternate G2 placed
B Flat Major SW
Bachata G3 placed, SW
Betherl Gr3 Plc
Bright Valor SW
Buff G3 placed, SW
Carve SW and  GR1 PLc, GR3 Plc
Cayuga’s Waters SW
Confessional SW
Departing Gr2 wnr, Gr3 Plc
Distorted Legacy G1placed
Devilment SW
District SW
Don Dulce SW, Edward J. Debartolo Mem. H
Eden Star G2 placed
Equality SW
Every Way Stk Plc and GR3 Stk Plc
Flatter G2 placed
Gold Medal Dancer Stk wnr
Good Night G3 placed
Great Minds G3 SW
Haint G2 placed
Heath G3 placed
Intern SW
Maybe So
Mountain Medley SW
Much Obliged G3 placed
Network Gr3 placed
Newsdad Gr3 placed
Overheard Gr3 wnr, Gr Plc, sw
Patrol G1 placed, SW
Rare Beauty G2 placed
Ready to Confess G3 and G2 Plc
Remind G2 placed
Sedgefield G2 placed
Sicnee G3 placed England
Somali Lemonade GR3 wnr and GR1 Plc
Stop Watch G3 placed
Storm Punch SW
Sweet Relish G3 placed, SW
Top Surprise
Where’s the Ring SW
Z Humor SW


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